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Our mission is simple....we are dedicated to offering only ultra high performance musical components for home audio & home theater systems.


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Herb Reichert - Stereophile

"The Norma Audio room played the next best thing: the Peggy Lee "signature" version of 'Fever' (1957). They also played Nat King Cole and the system sound was fast, detailed..." 


NORMA 2Mhz designs (top-to-bottom):

 DS-1: DAC + TEAC Transport

SC-2: Linestage w/optional DAC

PA-150: Stereo Amplifier






DS-1 Digital Source

5-Input DAC + TEAC transport

USB 24/192 w/"Integer Mode"

Dual-Mono Burr-Brown true Multi-Bit - the finest chip ever created!


The same Dual-Mono Burr-Brown DAC w/2Mhz analog output is also found in


SC-2 (DAC option)




a few excerpts...

The all-discrete component output stage is – as is common to NORMA products – a wide-bandwidth design - …the amplifiers are capable of a frequency response into the 2MHz range.

This is to prevent any high-frequency cut-offs working their way down into the audio band, but requires solid engineering to prevent the DS-1 making those ‘papada, papada’ noises when mobile phones periodically poll their nearest cell.

Of course, when faced with a really good recording – Lyle Lovett’s Joshua Judges Ruth [MCA] for example – it manages to shine both in an audiophile manner and by presenting the music as a highly enjoyable album in its own right.

Digital is dividing into several niche markets at this time, and NORMA is taking an admirably pragmatic line with the DS-1. If you want to play your CDs, fine. If you decide to rip them to a computer and you want to play them that way, that’s fine too. If you want to play 24/192 files downloaded from the internet, that’s fine as well. OK, SACD and DSD replay are beyond the DS-1, but if it’s a choice between sounding as good as the NORMA REVO DS-1 or playing a numbers game with no guarantee of a sound as good as the DS-1, I’m going with the DS-1.





New HS series

NORMA 2Mhz technology in a compact chassis...and more affordable!


The HS-DA1 uses same State-of-the-Art Dual-Mono Burr-Brown chipset in the DS-1, DAC-1 & CDP-1.


“The (Dual-Mono Burr-Brown) REVO CDP-1BR is without doubt a high level electronic, very well conceived, with a great sense of musicality and elegance. The particularly refined construction proves great originality; its remarkable qualities will surely be recognized also by its competitors. But the most important feature of this player is the sound results it is able to obtain, inspired by great neutrality and REAL truthfulness in all circumstances. A set of important features to seduce the Music Lover by a transalpine company that must be now taken is serious account.”

- Dominique Mafrand, Haute Fidélité




Dual-Mono Burr-Brown DAC

2Mhz analog circuitry

5 digital inputs

USB "Integer Mode" compatible


OPTIONAL "Pre" adds:

· Preamp w/2 inputs

· (2) Class-A headphone outputs











Viard...the Ultimate Copper cable!




"The Platinum series has this very rare quality to deliver incredible details resolution without the usual "brightness" in the high frequencies."

"A superlative speaker cable that brings together ultra definition and delicacy, sense of rhythm and timbre accuracy."


-Stereo Prestige & Image





Reference Floorstander






Flat to 30Khz

Sensitivity 92db

Impedance > 4Ω

Mid-Woofer (2) x 7"

Ribbon tweeter (1) 5"

Size 48x9x12 (HWD)

Weight 66 lbs


The Grand Cru philosophy features the extraordinary crossover developed by Jefferson Torno, master designer.

The Grand Cru concept allows the listener to receive music without having the brain to reconstruct these sounds to validate them as true accuracy – lifelike and natural with subtlety, moods and depths to take you to the heart of your music…with accuracy & precision.




Dual-Mono 2Mhz Integrated Amplifier





...with a frequency response of 0.1Hz-2MHz and a slew rate of 175, the IPA-140 compares favorably with considerably more expensive amps from Soulution or darTZeel. 

There must be a law that decrees that everything made in Italy must at least look beautiful, and the Revo IPA-140 doesn’t disappoint.  

It played at high SPLs for long periods with ease, liquidity, and no sense of strain. 

Crisp and articulate, with punchy bass and clean highs, the IPA-140’s sound was muscular, but with a delicate touch. 

The IPA-140 was incredibly quiet and transparent, revealing wealths of fine detail. 

The IPA-140’s transparency and soundstaging ability were also a great match for acoustic music, especially jazz, focusing on the primary players while still letting the supporting players shine. 

…but the beauty of the IPA-140 is that background instruments were not pushed aside, but unobtrusively enhanced. The intricacy of Eric Harland’s drum fills and the interplay of his snare and hi-hat were highlighted in a way that complemented Parks’s playing rather than competing for my attention. 

… gorgeous Italian design coupled with solid engineering and world-class sound 



 ☆☆☆☆☆ NEW ☆☆☆☆☆

HiFi+ Review of IPA-140 2mhz Integrated Amplifier

by Alan Sircom




Full review - click here


"The result of this powerfully built design is an amplifier of rare refinement and subtlety."


"If you like what the Revo IPA-140 does and want more of the same, you’ll need to spend insurrection-funding doses of money to get there. If that summons up images of ‘punching above its weight’... then so be it."


"This is an amplifier that I could see people using with loudspeakers costing £20k ($32k) or more without it showing itself up."


"There are no bargains in audio, but this is an amplifier that can go up against amps costing £12,000-£16,000 ($19k-$26k) despite costing the right side of £5,500 in its all-up top-spec guise."




A new advanced (and affordable) monitor from France that is a "magical" killer!



Reference Monitor

Walnut veneer (below)





Another absolute rave review of the "Essentiel" monitor by Soundstage Publisher Doug Schneider




A few excerpts...

"The first word that came to mind was clean. The next word was seamless. After that came coherent. The sound was extremely smooth (pure & grainless) and clear throughout the audioband, with no obvious indicators of where the midrange-woofer passed off to the tweeter."


"...neutral and natural right up through the top. If anything, they teetered ever so slightly toward the polite, yet also sounded as sweet as the best soft-dome tweeters I’ve heard, and as airy and fast as the top metal domes, including those used in my $22,000 reference speakers…which have beryllium-dome tweeters."


"Overall, the Essentiel had some of the most exquisite highs I’d heard in a long, long time -- the sound of the cymbals 2:51 into Lou Reed’s “Sweet Jane,” from the Cowboy Junkies’ The Trinity Session (16/44.1 FLAC, RCA), sounded extraordinarily clean and extremely realistic. It really sounded like metal being struck."


"Cohen’s (voice) was astoundingly clean and clear. The soundstaging and imaging were, again, superb, with awesome left-to-right and front-to-back spreads, and superb separation of Cohen’s voice, at center stage, from those of the female backing singers behind him."


"Cohen’s Old Ideas was also quite revealing of the Essentiel’s bass: more-than-decent output to around 40Hz, if not a touch lower. As a result, the Essentiels sounded remarkably fleshed out for their modest size. I can’t imagine any music lover who uses these speakers in an appropriately sized room wanting a subwoofer."


"The strengths of Grand Cru Audio’s Essential include: a seamless-sounding integration of the ribbon and midrange-woofer outputs; smoothness and clarity through the upper midrange, the likes of which I haven’t heard from other ribbon-based designs; and very deep bass, given the modest sizes of the speaker’s cabinet and midrange-woofer."


"I was taken aback by the Essentiels’ topflight soundstaging and imaging, as well as by their high resolution, particularly their ability to convey spatial cues."


"...and a “smidgen” less incisiveness and immediacy in the mids than the best ($50k personal) reference-class designs."


"Of the ribbon speakers I’ve heard in my room over the years, the Grand Cru Essentiel is one of the highest priced. It’s also the best sounding..."





Rave review of Essentiel in

"Stereo Prestige & Image" (May,2013)


Synthesis Of Sound Esthettique (Summary)

"The Essential compact systems are realized from excellent transducers with a very precise tuning of the filter (crossover) to get an exceptionally consistent soundstage from drivers of different technologies."

"Although it is widely considered that different technologies (ribbon tweeter for high range and conventional midbass driver) are not compatible, in the case of Essentiel, the shift between high, middle and low range is totally natural - and it's impossible to say (by ear) what type of technology is used."

"We enjoyed a precise and seamless sound throughout the range - substance from midbass to the midrange and a reference level in the top octaves. An exceptionally transparent sound including a fast, clear, precise detail of the higher frequencies without smearing, edginess or distortion."

"This results in a surprising clarity of resolution and remarkably accurate timbre (tonality)."






•Ultra-high performance drivers

•Non-resonant cabinet - reinforced in all 3-axis

•Extraordinary crossover to insure perfect phase & time coherence

•Crossover potted in resin and decoupled from cabinet


More info - click here


We HIGHLY recommend the NORMA 2Mhz IPA-140

Integrated as an ideal partner.





Digital Source DS-1

•High-End CDPlayer + DAC in 1 sleek chassis

•Ultra-High Performance Dual-Mono BurrBrown DAC chips

•DAC offers 5 digital inputs (24/192) incl USB

•M2Tech 24/192 software driver

2Mhz analog output



DAC offers 5-Digital Inputs (24/192) incl USB

(photo rear panel)



Same sleek, contemporary chassis as the 2Mhz IPA-140 Integrated!








"IPA-140" 2Mhz Dual-Mono Integrated Amplifier


World Reference Electronics!

"...more than a taste of State-of-the-Art!"


Review excerpts here



How does the advanced technology of the NORMA IPA-140

2Mhz Dual-Mono Integrated compare to others

including $85k separates?

NORMA Technology Comparison










Power @ 8Ω




FR (-3db)




Slew Rate (V/µs)




Current (Peak)




Power Supply (VA)




Sound/Noise (db)








Reviews have described the sound as world class in transparency, detail, imaging with superb dynamics & a rich, accurate tonality (voices, strings & piano sound lifelike) and fast, fast, fast!


GREAT match for High-End loudspeakers that prefer a fast & dynamic amplifier with a liquid tonality – no “dry desert” sound from digital/ice amplifiers.


"An affordable taste of state-of-the-art!"



Integrated Amplifier


Tech features

◊ Power 140w/ch@8Ω  (280w@4Ω)

◊ Bandwidth ~ 2Mhz

◊ Slew Rate 175V/µs (ultra-ultra fast for accurate transients without smearing and extraordinary PRAT!)

◊ High current drive - 36A (continuous) and 150A PEAK

◊ Dual-Mono Power Supply - (2) Dual-Mono 400VA (each) Transformers (total 800VA)

◊ Noise (S/N) 115db

◊ World Class Construction with copper shielded black box of Class-A "Ultra-Driver" stage)

◊ Optional phono MM/MC stage board available

◊ Separates (Linestage & Stereo Amplifier) available using similar 2Mhz design

◊ Affordable "world reference design & sonics" with cutting edge technology.



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