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Stay tuned for upgrade program for BOW ZZ-8 including

∘ NOS (Non-Over-Sampling technology

∘ Eliminates digital filter

∘ USB 24/192 digital input


  ...and more exciting news coming VERY soon!

A legend returned at CES2009 with an all new re-design with true, reference level sonics...again! 

ZZ-Eight (v2008) Reference CD Player

The current model of the ZZ-8 is a serious challenger for the absolute best digital source...regardless of price!

ZZ-Eight Features

  • A sleek, contemporary chassis from thick chunks of aluminum for structural integrity

  • No sheet metal to compromise sonics

  • A modified die-cast metal Pro2 laser mechanism attached to a massive 10lb brass mounting block for higher read accuracy

  • Brass mounting block attached to aluminum chassis for a 35lb vibration sink to insure highest resolution and imaging qualities

  • Dual 24-bit Burr-Brown DACs for extraordinary resolution and an open, transparent, 3D soundstage

  • Magnetic disk stabilizer

  • Master clock w/I2S designed for jitter-free operation

  • New advanced power supply for tight bass and explosive dynamics

  • Black acrylic "floating" faceplate w/LED display

  • World class transparency, resolution and dynamics

  • Precise Imaging

  • Breathtaking liquid midrange that is so unique that other high end players sound dry and sterile

Bow "Wand" Remote