Genesis IA3 Integrated + DAC

Stereo 2x150 @8
Linear PS 500
VA UI-Core

INPUTS: 3 Analog + 5 Digital + BlueTooth
Digital Inputs: USB, Coax, BNC, AES, Optical
Yves-Bernard André Designed Custom MC Transformer
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Amplifier A6 Stereo 2x160W/8ohms • Linear PS 500VA UI-Core
Pre5 + DAC 3 Analog + 5 Digital + Bluetooth + CS4398 DAC
IA3 Int + DAC 2x105W/8ohms • 3 Analog + CS4398 DAC, USB, Bluetooth
CD4 CDPlayer HD850 + Blue Diode® system • CS4398 DAC
PH1 Phono Battery Power • MC/MM • YBA Custom MC Transformer

Stereo 2x105w/ch
INPUTS: 3 Analog + 2 Digital: USB, Coax + BT
Genesis A6 & Pre5/DAC
Review Excerpts

"Hard as silk, as delicate as steel"

"Nobody builds amplifiers like Yves-Bernard André. He has taught transistors the nuances."

"My conclusion: Music presented by Genesis A6 & PRE5 is free and relaxed, yet full of sensitivity and energy."
"The sound is uncommonly mature in its ambitious musicality, but also fulfills typical hi-fi criteria. That's great - and rare.
"Too many components only count peas or smear honey. Yves-Bernard André can look back on more than four decades of experience. You can hear that from his fantastic amplifiers. "

-  Heinz Gelking Jan,2015

"With the preamplifier/converter with his power block GENESIS YBA us again enjoy a very high level of musicianship, and
very close to the mythical references YBA Classic Alpha and Delta series."

The legendary transparency of "Classic YBA" is confirmed.

Both say right away, with the entire Genesis, this is great art awaits you in the matter of transparency. The concept and philosophy of the origin, that is to say, this form of  incomparable clarity have been complied with to the letter.

The music emerges from the speakers, lifting the veil on all, and I mean all, the nuances, subtleties and details that make the richness of a quality recording.

Each musical excerpt sheds light on a substance and realistic musical instruments.


DAC: 2x AKM4497EQ +
1TB Solid State Storage (User Expandable)
PCM 32 bit / 768 kHz, DSD512, MQA 8x
FPGA technology utilizing KDS crystal oscillators
Streaming services: Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer
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Tel: 937-430-0970