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INPUTS: USB, Coax & Bluetooth
USB: PCM 32 bit / 384 kHz; DSD 64 & DSD 128

The sound is clean, airy and well aerated, but you can not say that the tonal balance were disrupted. Deviations from the ideal zero can be heard only at the very edges of the band, and even then it takes some focus to this notice. Most listeners probably think that the sound is the most correct, perhaps with a slight tendency to lighten up, and in truth they were right, because the bass are neither withdrawn nor lean."

"French converter does not seek to hide your character - you know what he cares about most. For as given in a natural way, maintaining the right proportions and colors are arranged sequentially specialties of French cuisine - transparency, speed, lightness of playing, space saturated with fresh air and saturated, voiced treble."

"Heritage D100 can really restore this life, breathe in some fresh music, turn up the pace and the way to pick out the little details of recordings, which have so far escaped somewhere. If you just need to listen to it necessarily."

Heritage A200
Integrated Amplifier + DAC

Heritage PH100
Phono MC/MM

  Network Streamer
  100w/ch Integrated Amplifier
  Internal AKM DAC - AK4495SEQ x 2
  MM Phono