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June 5, 2015 (Facebook)
Signature "review"
"I ordered YBA Signature preamp, 2 (mono) poweramps and CD-player one year ago. The sound is just perfect with Magnepan speakers. I have owned a lot of extremely expensive equipment earlier, but nothing of it is able to match the YBA sound."

REVIEW: Signature CD Player
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What we can already tell you in the first notes is that the result is fantastic!

On  Patricia Barber's "Ode To Billie Joe", the voices are human and realistic, for our customers who frequent the concert halls or opera, it will be the shock assured to listen! We can tell you clearly that the finger snaps are amazingly detailed & defined!

For listening in its entirety, the ensemble offers the sense of rhythm, respect of the timbres (tones), the micro-informations are there.The cymbals are real and spin with a real subtlety!

Same sensation on the track of "You and Your Friend" by Dire Straits, the guitar offers a magical presence music. The voice of Mark Knoplfer is simply natural! Three-dimensional space is taking shape before us!

We really have the impression of listening to an Analog Master, which is relatively rare to find in digital reading (besides Yves Bernard André tells me on the phone that this sensation was detected by the engineers of a famous Swiss Mastering studio a few weeks ago).

Summary: Magnificent, how clear and honest in the transcription! A pure moment of emotion.

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  Signature Preamp+DAC      
  Signature CDPlayer/Transport

Signature Series - Custom YBA Transformer

• Double C-Core Grain oriented
• 50-micron intertwined layers
• Injected with a special varnish
• 48-hr Vacuum press at 100°C
• Dead quiet - musical resonance lowered to zero
• Far superior performance vs Toroidal designs
More info, reviews & documentation:
  Amplifier Stereo 2x200w/8ohms Mono 600W 1,000VA UI-Core
  MONO Amplifier Mono 1x200w/8ohms 1,000VA UI-Core (each channel)
  Preamp MkII+DAC Line; Phono; Analog Devices AD1955 DAC
  CD Player CD Pro2 Blue Diode® systemDual-MonoDAC Coax Out
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Yves-Bernard André discusses "Signature" line
---with English subtitles and viewable in 720HD & Full Screen---

A few Signature "Tech Specs"
"alpha Class A" - the sound quality of Class-A without the downside
40-Mhz internal circuit
1000VA UI-Core Custom Transformer Linear Power Supply
High Current (to drive difficult loads)
Ultra-short signal paths
CNC Milled from a solid block of aluminum
Custom YBA designed transformers produced in France
Personally QC tested & fine tuned by Yves-Bernard André
Dimension: 430mm x 390mm x 170mm
Weight: 43kg (Stereo model)
--- Signature Amplifiers ---
--- Signature PreAmplifier ---
Ultra-short signal paths
CNC Milled from a solid block of aluminum
Custom YBA designed transformers produced in France
Analog Inputs (RCA & XLR)
Ultra High-End DAC - Analog Devices AD1955
Digital Inputs (USB, Coax, Optical)
Dimension: 430mm x 388mm x 151mm
Weight: 28kg
YBA announces new "MkII" DAC updates featuring Analog Device AD1955 chip
The AD1955 chip is also in the Bricasti and other ultra high-end digital products
Signature Preamp+DAC MkII
Passion Pre550A+DAC MkII
Passion IA350+DAC MkII
Passion CD430+DAC MkII

Stereo Prestige & Image

SUMMARY: Synthesis of the aesthetically sound

For having experienced many of the products YBA since a good twenty years, we have been able to judge the beautiful progress made by the mark in terms of sound reproduction, with this CD Signature.
YBA has always had a non-conformist approach of CD players, and the latter will not be the exception, but the results are well there.

This sumptuous reader first manifests itself by an ultra-wide bandwidth with a serious deep and flexible & controlled bass, and a particularly top octaves that is detailed and subtle. The midrange is velvety, delicate, very open and highly structured. It is evidence of density and substance of matter. This feels very well on the voice and the acoustic instruments. The second point marking for the dynamic which is expressed here without any restraint, but with a absolute control. This means that the Signature CD accelerates to perfection when the modulation requires, but that it is also able to curb to follow the signal, and this without settlement, without rupture of the melody.

This range from softness to energetic vitality give the Signature CD a type of sound reproduction that is very analog, in the good sense of the term. It is also what makes this machine, this form of duality totally consistent between the power of resolution of the CD and the musicality baritone of the black disc.

Utilising only the very best components and materials and engineered to the highest quality possible,
Signature represents YBA’s most exclusive line. These products provide a rarely seen standard of excellence
and are acknowledged for their uncompromising high fidelity reproduction.
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