The iconic designs of
ves-Bernard André returns to US!

40 Mhz internal circuit
> "
αlpha Class A" - the sound quality of Class-A without the downside
˃ High Current (to drive difficult loads)
˃ Ultra-short signal paths

Anti-Vibration techniques including:
Signature series milled from 1 solid block of aluminum using "Space Base" technology to isolate circuits
Passion & Genesis series' thick, 9mm solid bottom plate to function as a vibrational grounding sink
3-feet with one foot providing a mechanical ground to evacuate vibrational distortions
Wood blocks on DAC chips to mitigate vibration (on select models)

Technical Features

YBA Brochure 

YBA Overview
Tel: 937-439-2667
tmh audio

• Yves-Bernard André continues as a part of the ownership team and remains Chief Designer of
all YBA products from his studio in France

• Yves-Bernard André sources critical components from France to YBA specs - transformers,
capacitors, wires, terminals, fuses, solder

• Manufacturing of chassis & final assembly performed in ISO9001 facility

• Yves-Bernard André directs & manages all YBA manufacturing & assembly in Shanling’s certified
“ISO 9001” facility to ensure the highest level of world class construction

• Yves-Bernard André personally tests all Signature series production and, if required, adjusts
to his design specs

• Two year warranty - any required servicing is done by tmh audio’s US-based Authorized

The New YBA

YBA Signature series

YBA's α-Class A
--- "alpha Class A" ---

Yves-Bernard André:
"The power supply works in class-A, but the output stage delivers only the power required by the music signal."

"Therefore, you have the sonic quality of Class A operation
- linear output with current on demand -
without the negatives."

"Therefore, our amplifiers run cool, which improves reliability and avoids thermal stress on the components and the resultant parasitic vibrations."

US Retail Pricing

Yves-Bernard André discusses "Signature" line
---with English subtitles and viewable in 720HD & Full Screen---