The iconic designs of
ves-Bernard André returns to US!

Yves-Bernard André discusses "Signature" line
---with English subtitles and viewable in 720HD & Full Screen---

In 1981, Yves-Bernard André created YBA following his time designing electronics & turntables at Goldmund. In a very short time, YBA became a legendary brand that offered reference level accuracy AND to allow the listener to hear the music as well as feel the emotional connection.

Today, YBA returns to the US market with updated designs that incorporate world class construction quality...but always reflects the philosophy of  its Chief Designer and partner,  Yves-Bernard André.

˃ 40 Mhz internal circuit
> "
αlpha Class A" - the benefits of Class-A without the downside
˃ High Current (to drive difficult loads)
˃ Ultra-short signal paths

Anti-Vibration techniques including:
Signature series milled from 1 solid block of aluminum using "Space Base" technology to isolate circuits
Passion & Genesis series' thick, 9mm solid bottom plate to function as a vibrational grounding sink
3-feet with one foot providing a mechanical ground to evacuate vibrational distortions
Wood blocks on DAC chips to mitigate vibration (on select models)

Technical Features
Interview with Founder & Chief Designer - Yves-Bernard André
This interview was conducted in early 2013 by the journalist Matjek Isak after reviewing the Passion 650 Power Amplifier. It is a long interview and gives great insight into the man behind YBA.

YBA Brochure 

YBA Overview

tmh audio uses and
HIGHLY recommends
NEOTECH OCC Silver cables
for all YBA electronics.

Tel: 937-439-2667
tmh audio

• Yves-Bernard André continues as Chief Designer of all YBA products from his studio in France

• Yves-Bernard André directs & manages all YBA manufacturing & assembly in Shanling’s certified
“ISO 9001” facility to ensure the highest level of world class construction

• Yves-Bernard André sources critical components (incl custom transformers) from France to YBA

• Yves-Bernard André personally tests all Signature series production and, if required, adjusts to his
design specs

• Three year warranty - any required servicing is done by tmh audio’s US-based Authorized

The New YBA
YBA Signature series

YBA's α-Class A
"alpha Class A"

Yves-Bernard André:
"The power supply works like a class-A design, but the output stage delivers only the power required by the music signal. Therefore, you have the advantages of Class A operation - linear output with current on demand - without the negatives. Therefore, our amplifiers run cool, which improves reliability and avoids thermal stress on the components and the resultant parasitic vibrations."

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