Neotech is THE leader in producing ultra pure OCC Silver & OCC Copper cables...and now Neotech's finished/terminated cables are available!

High-End designs using "Round" & "Rectangular Ribbon" conductors

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UPOCC SILVER   1.0 m Addtl 0.5 m
NEI-1002   $800 $200
NEI-1001   $1,550 $550
• Rhodium/OCC connectors available
• OCC XLR additional
• Rhodium connectors available
UPOCC SILVER   2.0 m Addtl 0.5 m
NES-1002   $3,500 $600
NES-1001   $5,800 $1,200
NES-3003 II   $1,000 $150
NES-3002   $1,100 $150
NES-3001   $1,500 $250
UPOCC SILVER   1.5 m Addtl 0.5 m
NEP-1001   $2,600 $800
NEP-3200   $720 $200
AC Power Cords
• 9 AWG
• UPOCC Connectors

Rectangular Conductor Series

Round Conductor Series
Amazon SP 2.0 m $6,700
Amazon SP 2.5 m   $8,200
Amazon ITR-RCA 1.0 m $1,900
Amazon ITR-RCA 1.5 m   $2,400
Amazon ITX-XLR 1.0 m   $2,100
Amazon ITX-XLR 1.5 m   $2,700
AC Power Cords      
Amazon PC 1.5 m   $2,600
Amazon PC 1.8 m   $3,000

OCC Silver

OCC Copper
Sahara SP 2.0 m $3,650
Sahara SP 2.5 m   $4,150
Sahara ITR-RCA 1.0 m $1,200
Sahara ITR-RCA 1.5 m   $1,400
Sahara ITX-XLR 1.0 m   $1.350
Sahara ITX-XLR 1.5 m   $1,600
AC Power Cords      
Sahara PC 1.5 m   $1.350
Sahara PC 1.8 m   $1,650

• UPOCC Connectors
t• Cryo Treated
• UPOCC Connectors
• Cryo Treated

NEMO Series
OCC Silver
NEMOS-1160 2.0 m $4,000
NEMOS-1160 2.5 m   $5,000
NEMOS-1080 2.0 m   $2,200
NEMOS-1080 2.5 m   $2,700
NEMOI-RCA 1.0 m $500
NEMOI-RCA 1.5 m   $680

NEMOS 1160 Loudspeaker Cable
OCC Silver - Rectangular Conductor
11.5 AWG - Teflon Primary Individual Insulation

Nemos-1160 brings light to music and brings life, or it should be said that this light is the life of music. Just by touching Nemos-1160, the music sounds more lively and alive, like a sip of spring water. When listening to vocals, this fresh trait will make people fascinated.

Using Nemos-1160 is like letting the story of this demon king appear on the big screen with 4K UHD, living, three-dimensional, just like real.

Because it can fully express the 3D space sense of the stage, as well as the shape and positioning of the sound body, and also make the sound detailed and clearly reproduced.

Take Kari Bremnes's "Live" album as an example. Kari's singing voice is clear and tangible, and her biting and vocal details are rich, so it sounds like real, as if it were in the front row of the concert's rock zone. The Nemos-1160 is not only a high-frequency texture, but also a low-frequency extension, and it’s time to put it on.

My favorite is when it is playing the piano. The Nemos-1160 makes the piano full of luster and the sound is more colorful. Listening to Danilo Rea's "Lirico" album, the sound density of the piano is very good, the sound of the piano is condensed, the particles are crystal clear, the texture is warm, the luster is warm, and the more beautiful is the overtone that floats in the tail when Danilo Rea hits the treble. At the end, the piano whispered softly and quietly, calm and elegant, and Rea tapped the bass as the end, leaving an infinite low back in the dark background. Nemos-1160 is the ability to tell the delicate emotions of music.

In the end, how can we have such a luster, can have such a resolution, can have such a balance, can have such a texture, can express the ups and downs in music in this way, and narrate the profound mystery hidden in music? Of course, thanks to Neotech's superior metallurgical technology and unique design of this line.


Rhodium connectors additional on select models

OCC Silver Interconnect
Rhodium/OCC RCA

Roy Harris has posted a review of the Neotech NEI-1002 OCC silver interconnect at Audiophilia. His conclusions:

"What this cable demonstrated to me is that what I considered poorly recorded discs may, in many cases be a consequence of issues in other components of a stereo system.

I learned that it is possible to attain resolution without losing some level of richness or solidity of instruments, and without a peak in the treble.

The resolution manifested itself as greater microdynamics and speed, the presence of instrumental decay, and the presence of subtle, low (sound pressure) level musical detail.

Further, with an increase in extension at both ends of the frequency range, instruments such as drums, acoustic and electric basses were more prominent and/or had greater impact. In some instances, instruments sounded more timbrally accurate.

The Neotech cable exhibited a balanced frequency response and low distortion. Therefore, none of the negative characteristics associated with silver wire were not a factor. Of course, the cable will not render a stereo system lush or provide any euphonic colorations as it is very close to being an invisible component."

NES-1002 and NES-1002
OCC Silver Cables
Rhodium/OCC Connectors

First of all, Neotech's wire has a full and rounded thick feel, and the sound quality is very high, there is no sharp and harsh edges, in other words, they are not contaminated with "turbid" wire. For example, Wynton Marsalis's "London Concert" (Sony SK 93084), the beauty of the trumpet lies in the bright extension, showing the elegance of music, with a full set of Neotech, this warm and lustrous extension, adding a lot of music Extravagant. In particular, the NES-1002 speaker cable is very helpful for the expansion of the sound field. The far-reaching sound field makes the relative position of the orchestra clearer. The small size is sometimes high-spirited and sometimes feminine, fully demonstrating the comfort and smoothness of Haydn's music. Aesthetic.

Mutter's "Mozart violin sonata", the recording with a beautiful orientation, sounds more beautiful on Neotech, the overtone of the violin high up, the kind of silky buckle, but without the tight color, set off Out of the rare feminine charm of Mute's performance. Compared with Gidon Kremer's "Baha Unaccompanied Violin", Gidon Kremer's expression is a lot harder, and Neotech's combination shows a real playing mood, but still not tight, the string of stiff strings still It has a sweet taste, especially the moderate performance of the string details,

The balance of musical expression, in fact, includes many meanings, such as low-frequency transient response, Neotech is not a fast flashlight, but with a resilient bounce. Like "Marcel Miller's "Silver Rain", the moderate low-frequency sense, coupled with the good strength of the beam, makes the electric bass's fast pacing in an orderly manner, full of jumping power.

I can't help but give a thumbs up. Neotech's wires are happy with the Burmester 001 CD, Nagra PL-L/VPA 845, darTZeel NHB-108, ASR Luna6 and Dynaudio Special 35. I am used to Neotech. Balanced music shine.


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