Duet/Orchestra Stereo Amplifier
Dynamics: “The Alef communicates tremendous energy on transients. The magnitude when listening to the bass line gives a real sense of presence in the room. The chords are clear and precise, the rhythm is accurately articulated and one feels no bass volume exaggeration meaning the ALEF is sovereign and in control of the lowest octaves.”

Sound staging: “High level of precision of spatial sound staging is a part of this Italian Dual-Mono stereo block. Although it has such extraordinary qualities of dynamics without restraints, one could not expect same high level of signal resolution and equally high level of sound staging. It can virtually create a space of holographic illusion and the Alef creates a portrayal of live singing and melodic reproduction”

Tonality/Transparency: “This amplifier offers a very pure listening, very neutral listening experience due in part to the ultrawide bandwidth – on paper and also subjectively. Very powerful male voice & delicate female voice often suggest that of a triode – sometimes approaching the absolute very best with accurate voice without paralysis."

"The object is able to play very, very dynamic, no audible signs of stress, or distill a delicate melody at low level and in class A. ALEF knows how to do just about everything and ALEF does it well. Its price remains however a little high in absolute terms, despite a very high level of construction quality realized and its concept 'custom-made' is unique in the world."
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