YBA Diamond Series

12 conductors twisted three by three, insulated, shielded
Solid Core, Pure Long Crystal Copper for each conductor
Three by three and sheathed
Three shielding levels ensure perfect immunity
Patented Teflon-based insulation based on reducing vibration
Swiss MC bananas for ultra-tight connection
Designed & Patented by Yves-Bernard André
Made in France

Resistance : 0.01 ohm / m
Capacitance : 250 pF / m

Available in lengths of 1.23 multiples

More info: http://www.ybahifi.com/product/yba-cable/

YBA Diamond Series


Diamond Interconnects (pr)
1.23m  $650
2.46m  $960
3.69m  $1280

Diamond Loudspeaker Cables (pr)
2.46m  $850
3.69m  $1180
4.92m  $1500

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