Onix products date back to 1979 although the Onix company itself was not established until 1984.

Onix Audio was a legal trading name of a partnership manufacturing Onix hi-fi products. Onix Audio existed from 1984 to 1990 . It was based in the UK, and the company designed and manufactured high end electronic audio equipment which included a range of hi fidelity amplifiers, tuners and accessories. By 1990 Onix products were exported to 28 countries, including the major markets of Japan, Singapore, and Germany.

The original Onix Audio ceased trading in September 1990 when a new legal entity was created to take over the activities.

Onix was acquired by Rogers speakers and for some time became very active in the loudspeaker market. Today Onix loudspeakers are no longer produced.

Onix has a long history of excellence in the audio industry. In 1997 a licensing agreement with a major Chinese electronics manufacturer ensured Onix electronics remained alive and well although for some years sales were limited to Asia and the USA. The products were recognised for their exceptional value for money and were the recipient of numerous awards from magazines such as Stereophile and Home Theater.

In 2008 ONIX took a great step forward.

Now under the ownership of the high-end audio manufacturing company Shanling, who had earlier held a licensing agreement for the brand, it was possible to move forward to re-enter the global market.

The products available from Onix today are reminiscent of the original designs. They maintain the same excellence in performance, their reliability is exceptional and their appearance is simple yet elegant.

None of the British engineering has been lost - it remains the cornerstone of today’s designs.

--- ONIX is now managed by the YBA Signature series team ---
--- ONIX is now managed by the YBA Signature series team ---
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