Platinum HD Interconnect Cables
Positioned at the top end of all our product line, the Platinum HD (XLR) interconnect design continues to be inspired by high-tech components developed for military, aerospace and medical applications, with the major difference of utilizing conductors that are composed of silver (thinly) coated solid core, pure CU-VHQ copper strands, insulated and shielded with a double Cu-VHQ cupper/Silver coated multi strand jacket, specific to the PLATINUM HD series.

This to the end of guaranteeing perfect transmission of the more complex signals without adding nor masking anything, and thus preserving the essential: depth definition and sonic structure.
--- Platinum Series ---
Platinum HD Loudspeaker cable
Viard Audio Platinum HD HP cable is made of materials from the military, medical and aerospace fields.

Responding to particularly rigorous specifications, the Viard Audio Platinum HD HP speaker cable was developed by the famous French brand to enhance the potential of high-end electronics and speakers. The high-end Viard Audio Platinum HD HP speaker cable is composed of pure copper conductors offering very low capacitance, which guarantees great respect for the transmitted signal.

The conductors of the Viard Audio Platinum HD HP cable   are organized according to the "Star Ground" assembly developed by Viard Audio. This assembly consists of separating the transmission of bass and treble by using dedicated conductors, each benefiting from the section most suited to the frequencies transmitted, in order to ensure flawless reproduction of the signal. The details that give life to the music are extracted with great subtlety and the reproduction gains in depth.

Beryllium copper contacts
Network of specific conductors in "star ground" assembly
Silicone insulation
Imitation leather finish
Excellent compliance
Sheath resistance to UV and chemical agents
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