Cu-VHQ is an advanced annealing process that goes beyond Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) with a more neutral tonality, flatter response, higher conduction and superior resolution.

In addition, Cu-VHQ also offers more flexibility to avoid fracturing that is inherent in OCC.
Additionally, the conductors undergo a
High-Bias electrical pre-treatment to further purify the conductor.

This special metallurgical technology is called
Cu-VHQ, which is a patent registered by Vincent Viard.
Cu-VHQ was created to be the highest quality conductor for audio purposes.

Silver HD20 cables are true Reference level designs from Vincent Viard, devloped in his French studio, using ultra-fine copper wire created from a special annealing process.

The State-of-the-Art
Platinum series incorprates gold and silver materials in its design.
Special patented conductor Cu-VHQ

Viard Audio has a special formula conductor Cu-AHQ, which is a special process that Vincent has ordered from a French conductor manufacturer. The copper conductor is remade through a special melting point and time, and the molecular structure is rearranged to make it more Stablize.

The manufacturer cooperates with factories of the French military. Because of this relationship, the wires designed and produced by Viard Audio can use military-grade measuring instruments at every stage to ensure that every scientific data can meet the requirements, including simple conductor testing and complete product testing including terminal connectors. All must meet the requirements.

Secondly, he believes that specifications and data do not contain any artistic and emotional components. These are necessary conditions but not the only ones. The wire is not only a simple transmission device, it must be based on human feelings, and then use technology and innovation. Express it, and this has the same meaning as the "Feel the Sound" that Viard Audio believes in.
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