Single Crystal Copper (SCC 4VRC) - Designed specifically for  transmission of impedance of 110 ohms, the connectors are plated with rhodium, having a shell made of carbon fiber anti-magnetic, to ensure transmission of the musical message without compromise.
All these innovations have a result that this cable has a huge dynamic impact, from bass to treble with all the source details. Exceptional focus, wide soundstage outlined in all its extended size, deeply divided and open, both in height, width and depth...and an accurate vivid timbre that makes it so lifelike!
Digital Reference AES
Single Crystal Copper (SCC 4VRC) - a result that in this cable has a strong impact and a dynamic range yield severe hot and present, the focus is very good, the sound stage well defined in all its dimensions, deep, articulate and open, excellent in height. Disarming the speed of resolution of transients, excellent both during the attack and release, with a penchant for the descent down considerable. Shown in all plants both valve and solid state of any value. An absolute reference.
Digital Reference RCA
Single Crystal Copper (SCC 4VRC)
Terminated with connectors to high quality Rhodium great plating that allows a better signal transmission without loss and oxidation power void.
All these innovations bring to have a result that this cable has a strong dynamic impact and a yield of the low-pitched range hot and present, the focus is very good, the soundstage well outlined in each size, deep open, articulate and very tall. Disarming the speed transient resolution, excellent both in attack and release, with a propensity for descent below notable.
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