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Single Crystal Copper (SCC) created by 4VRC - “cooking 4x” (normal is 2x)
4VRC reduces capacitance, resistance, inductance and maximizes audiophile qualities.
Graphite added to the SCC to block noise
SCC-Graphite alloy conductor processed up to 10,000 meters at Italian facility
XLPE insulation offers 100x improvement of noise rejection vs Teflon
HiDiamond cables provide accurate timbre for a vivid, clear transmission of the sound

Ultra-Pure SCC

UP-SCC....the latest update of SCC for an even higher level of purity!

Available in cables:
D10 Interconnects
D9 and D10 loudspeaker cables

HiDiamond was founded in 2000 by Dr. Salvatore Filippelli and has its headquarters near Rome, Italy

The HiDiamond "sound" is neutral, fast, detailed & dynamic that captures the open 3D soundstage of the recording. But the magic is the accurate vivid timbre that makes the music come alive!
UP-SCC cables (L-R): D9 Speaker; D10 Interconnect ; D10 Speaker

Single Crystal Copper using HiDiamond's "4VRC" 4x cooking process

The story of how "4VRC" and the SCC+Graphite alloy was created

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