Much of the power amp’s weight comes from its (2) two 1200VA transformers and, again, no global feedback is used in the amplification stages. As per the Bellini Anniversary, the circuitry is fully balanced and similar through-hole, military and audio-grade components are used throughout.

In many ways, this duo is exceptional.

The first thing likely to strike you is the remarkable midband lucidity, and the expansiveness of the soundstage.

These amps have an uncanny ability to place both instruments and vocalists in their own space without the presentation as a whole feeling crowded or compressed.

What’s more, a virtual absence of background noise means that central performers stand out in stark relief, apparently on an otherwise empty stage, with musical accompaniment arranged carefully behind them.

This Anniversary pre/power also serves up an impeccable performance when it comes to the top-end - the sheer level of clarity and purity in the treble region is again, first-class, enabling you to hear the tinkle of a pin drop in even the busiest of mixes.

Cymbals in general possessed a delicious metallic sheen while more vigorous strikes on the metalwork arrived with real force before shimmering away into the distance. Equally, delicately struck hi-hats were as vivid-sounding as I have heard them, and not once did they disappear into the back of the mix.
Naturally, with the available power on tap from the Donizetti Anniversary, bass was prodigiously extended, solid and taut. Even better, it remained composed even with the amp wound up to thoroughly anti-social levels.

Where the Audio Analogue duo definitely came out on top was with its handling of recordings that varied in their quality. The Corrs’ ‘Only When I Sleep’ from their 1997 album Talk On Corners [Atlantic Recordings 7567-83051-2] is something of a sonic mess, sounding steely at best and clearly mixed to make it radio-friendly. Yet never have I heard it sound better than when played via the Bellini and Donizetti Anniversary pre/power. The amps simply cut through the nastiness, managing to impart a sense of order to the proceedings and even bring a hint of purity to the ragged top end.

The Audio Analogue Bellini & Donizetti Anniversary offer a combination of magnificent sound quality with a brute-force styling that I thoroughly enjoyed. They typically make a great job of poor recordings, too.

UFO Absorber & UFO-XL Absorber

VIABLUE™ UFO XL absorbers are massive vibration dampeners, which can be placed directly underneath your loudspeakers or devices. Due to their optimal pressure on underlying surfaces, disturbing vibrations are bundled and absorbed through two membranes, the innovative VIABLUE™ softpads.

The innovative VIABLUE™ softpads are vibration absorbing dampener membranes. They are manufactured from several elastic polymers.

Thus, absorbers provide you with a vivid, clean and detailed sound.

They are an optimal addition for stand mount or large-scale speakers, as well as source devices & amplifiers.

Available XL or Small - Silver or Black
Technical Specifications

• 300 kg maximum load per 4 piece-set
• Diameter Ø 65 mm, total height 22.5 mm
$192 (1 set/4pcs)

• 100 kg maximum load per 4 piece-set
• Diameter Ø 35 mm, total height 16.5 mm
$84 (1 set/4pcs)
QTC XL Spikes

VIABLUE™ QTC Spikes XL prevent disturbing vibrations from loudspeakers or devices to the underlying surface. They provide you with a vivid, clean and detailed sound. Spikes are an optimal addition for speakers and devices like record players or tube amplifiers.

The QTC XL spikes sets include VIABLUE™ discs XL. These are extra large, Ø 25 mm, premium stainless steel discs to protect underlying surfaces like wooden floors.

Technical Specifications

• 200 kg maximum load per 4 piece-set
• 2 coated metal bodies, connected with a 20 mm fine thread
• 2 mm height adjustment
• Silver or Black
$180 (1 Set/4pcs)

VIABLUE™ TRI Spikes bundle and discharge disturbing vibrations through three peaks. Thus, they prevent a transmission of vibrations to the underlying surface. The uniquely designed spikes provide you with a vivid, clean and detailed sound. A perfect addition for large-scale speakers and devices like record players or tube amplifiers.

•200 kg per set maximum load
•Ø 34 mm for the protection of underlying surfaces
•Ø 1 mm height adjustment
•2 coated metal bodies and 3 screwed in premium stainless steel peaks
•Disc with premium stainless steel inlay

Technical Specifications

• 200 kg maximum load per 4 piece-set
• Height adjustment / total height 19.2 – 20.2 mm
• Maximum Ø 35 mm
• Silver or Black
$180 (1 set/4pcs)

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