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Platinum HD Interconnect
When listening to music easily at home, I use the re-enacted version of LS 3/5a. I didn't want to force too much. Sometimes it sounds dim in the high frequency, but it doesn't get tired for a long time. But when I insert the Platinum HD, the sudden clear sense of transparency immediately attracted the attention of my ears.

Platinum HD does not simply brighten the high frequencies. This kind of high-frequency enhancement effect can be achieved by most silver wires. The transparency and openness after I add Platinum HD is not a simple high-frequency brightening. It is a natural and comfortable extension. Moreover, Platinum HD has not changed the timbre of LS 3/5a itself, it is more like removing impurities in the sound, and the texture has become purer and more crystal clear.

The Silver HD20 offers surprising transparency and detail! The signal is never damaged, the different musicians and singers are fully legible and tangible.

The listening experience is very airy and offers a very wide and realistic sound scene. The mid-range and treble are of an outstanding neutrality and purity! The voice, brass and string restitution is highly realistic.

We find the tight and very articulated bass, with the surprising dynamics of the Viard Audio Silver HD20 HP speaker cables.

The shielding is of a great efficiency, no noise masks the micro details and the end notes.

This Viard Audio Silver HD20 RCA interconnect cable is a real discovery to us. These "Made in France" cables offer a high-flying restitution that competes with a good number of proven references!

Highly recommended!


This Viard Audio Premium Silver HD 20 HP offers remarkable and very high level performances. It is clearly designed to supply large Hi-Fi speakers via a beautiful amplifier.

When listening, we find the tonal balance of the manufacturer with a nice presence and a lot of detail. Compared to the lower ranges, this speaker cable offers formidable precision.

Moreover, the transparency is surprising, from bass to treble. The medium is surprisingly rich. The vocals, brass, and strings are very beautiful.

The overall restitution is neutral without aggressiveness.

The manufacture and the finish of these Viard Audio Silver HD20 HP speaker cables are to be mentioned as an example. "Made in France" as we like to see and listen to it!

My HiEnd (Taiwan ultra Hi-End)

Platinum HD Power AC Cord

The first selection is my main album for comparison, and the fifth "Danny Boy" sung by Eva Cassidy becomes very gentle and natural after using the Platinum HD power cord.  The background is very quiet, singing and guitar playing are particularly balanced.

Playing Eric Clapton "Unplugged" concert live album, because the background is dark enough to make every guitar plucking, stringing, piano playing and drums appear vivid, and the sound image is clean and free of burrs. A sound is as clear as it can be retracted freely, and there are almost no impurities between the audio and video of different instruments, and it is as clean as a blank canvas. Eric's singing is gentle and relaxed, true and natural.

In the fourth song "Tears in Heaven", he is particularly gentle and affectionate, as if he feels his longing in the space. In the sixth song "Nobody Knows You When", the singing is more casual and exciting, and the rhythm is excellent, and the audience's drum noise makes the atmosphere of live listening. The guitar solo is clear and echoes with the piano and singing. Full of musicality.
Kent Poon - Mastering Engineer/Producer

"Viard Audio Design is an audio cable brand designed and produced in France. At first, I didn't know many people because they only focused on the domestic sales in France. Later we got to know it through the introduction of Japan 5555. The biggest advantage of Viard cables is that they have science supported by the French government. Measuring instruments, developed our own research and production of CU-VHQ ® and High-Bias pre-treatment ® patented silver-copper alloy. The wire core is a piece of alloy gold before production.

All wire measurement methods are very scientific, and the bandwidth is capable Achieving the MHz range. This is very important for digital cables, especially BNC clock cables. This year Viard developed a joint lock used by aerospace technology, which is compatible with the Single-wired/Bi-wired Platinum HD flagship speaker cable .

I like the transparency of Viard. I didn’t adjust the tone on the frequency, but with a sense of sunshine and grace."
- Kent Poon
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